The Company

We are a Canadian Corporation dedicated to manufacturing and supplying effective environmentally safe and affordable devices for purifying drinking water.

Unlike the majority of water treatment products, D.S.M.I purifiers are designed not only to reduce and remove chemical impurities, but they also absolutely kill all pathogenic organisms that cause water borne disease. D.S.M.I water purifiers "do it all'.

The People

Philip F. Stuart MD, Ph.D., FRCP (C) is a Medical Microbiologist who specializes in tropical, parasitic and infectious diseases and is also the director of a large medical laboratory. He has been on staff at Connaught Medical Research Laboratories, the Toronto General Hospital, and the University of Toronto as well as being a past president of the Canadian Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health.

While consulting for CUSO/CIDA he became aware of the simplicity and efficiency of demand release iodine resins for water purification. He felt that this technology would have universal application from rural and resort Canada to the Third World (where water borne disease constitutes one of the single greatest health risks).

He incorporated D.S.M.I. to research, manufacture and distribute products that would most effectively deliver this technologically superior mode for true water purification.

Larry Miller came to D.S.M.I. in its infancy. He had been CEO of two large marketing firms over a 20-year period and has brought that wealth of experience with him. Additionally, he has acquired an innovative command of water purification that makes him one of the most knowledgeable people in the field. He is the Vice President of D.S.M.I and Director of Marketing and Development.